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  • Commercial Stone Restoration

    MARBLELIFE® Commercial Stone Restoration

    Everyone thinks they are maintaining their granite or marble surfaces, but there is a difference between spending money on your solid stone surfaces and investing to maintain it.Take this simple test:


    • Does your budget call for periodic granite or marble restoration?
    • Does your service provider clean & polish your surfaces and then STILL tell you it’s time to have a granite or marble restoration done to restore your stone?


    If you answered YES to either of these, MARBLELIFE®, Inc. can


    • save you money,
    • simplify your granite or marble floor management,
    • deliver a more consistently beautiful floor, and
    • its greener to boot.


    We service marble and granite high traffic commercial properties today that we have maintained without need of restoration for more than 25 years! This is done by performing the proper cleaning, stain removal and polishing routines on your granite or marble floor.


    We service natural stone floors in hundreds of hotels each month under our no-restoration guarantee. MARBLELIFE guarantees that if we are maintaining your granite or marble you will never need restoration for your floor again. Let us show you how you can have it all – a consistent beautiful floor for less than the cost of periodic restoration.


    HOWEVER, if you need to have your floors restored first, we can do that too. In fact, MARBLELIFE restores more hotel floors to their original shine and luster than anyone else in the business. Then we show them how we can maintain their restored surface for less than it cost them to restore it periodically, resulting in lower costs, better appearance and better guest and tenant first impressions, not to mention better quality audits too.


    Call today for more information on our selection of granite and marble cleaners and polish! Granite and marble maintenance typically costs 10 to 15% less than periodic restoration.



    As long as you are using MARBLELIFE®’s Intercare stone cleaner and MARBLELIFE®, Inc. is maintaining your stone monthly we guarantee you will never need to have restoration done on your stone surfaces again!



    MARBLELIFE®, Inc. restores and maintains more Marriott hotels every year than anyone else in the world. MARBLELIFE®, Inc. has maintained buildings in this manner for more than 25 years without needing a restoration!