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    Granite Counter-Top Services

    Granite is the hardest of the natural stone countertop surfaces. Naturally resistant to acid, granite surfaces rarely etch (there are a few calcite containing granites that will etch in the presence of acidic spills, cleaners or fruit but this is rare) making it an ideal counter top surface. HOWEVER as with all natural stones these materials are porous and therefore susceptible to absorbing discoloring spills or greases resulting in stains. While stains can be removed they require patience, due to removal of your granite surface from use for an extended period of time, if being removed by an outside vendor can be expensive. Better to avoid the inconvenience and expense and make sure your granite counter top is sealed every other year.

    Many new manufacturers resinate their granite slabs as part of the manufacturing and shipping methods. Resinating is the act of vacuuming a plastic resin through the entire stone. This is done to counter the natural brittleness of granite making it easier to ship, but has the additional side benefit of filling in the stone pores, effectively reducing the chance of sealing. If your granite was installed AFTER 2005 there is a good chance your granite counter is resinated. If not sealing becomes a more critical element. Sealing it on installation is the first step, however harsh cleaners and acidic spills can degrade your seal over time, hence the recommendation to re-seal every other year.
    MARBLELIFE® can establish a polish-and-seal maintenance schedule to remind you and assist you with this important household maintenance step with a quick call.