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  • Grout Stripping and Replacing

    Grout Stripping or Replacing – Suitable for removing shallow stains on non-sanded grout. This approach strips the top layer of stained grout to allow the natural grout color beneath to show through.

    Once completed the grout should be sealed to retard future staining. Suitable for stain removal from badly stained grout. This is a labor intensive approach as each grout line affected must be hand stripped.

    Areas of stained grout can be cut out and re-installed. However this can result in areas of light, new, dark and old grout. In some heavily stained un-sanded grout cases this is the best approach.

    The net result is your non-sanded grout looks clean and bright once again. Call MARBLELIFE, the company with more experience, offices and solutions than anyone in the stone, tile & grout service market. Free estimates always, and excellent results are a call away.