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There are marble floors and then there are ULTIMATE MARBLE Floors.
When it comes to the ULTIMATE-in-ELEGANCE or EASE-of-DISINFECTION, the MARBLELIFE Ultimate floor stands alone as the mark of elegance.
What began first in Houston, Texas is now the measure of elegance.

What makes a marble tile floor an ultimate floor?

A traditional marble tile floor has distinct marble tiles separated by a grout line that has been allowed to shrink on drying to provide a recessed grout line. An ultimate marble floor is a single planar surface because of the marble tile being ground flat to the grout lines.

This creates a highly reflective, consistent, unbroken shine, easier to clean and maintain, providing a truer reflection of the other elegant features within the home or building.


  • Flat with the Grout Lines
    Provides a truer unbroken reflection.
  • Gloss Appearance
    Elegant true reflection of light so sharp one can read the bulk label in the floor.
  • Grout Lines Level with Tile
    Easy to clean and maintain with no low spots for dirty water to collect and concentrate dirt. Floors can be cleaned with a dust mop. In a COVID world where cleanliness and ease of disinfection importance a flat floor is simply easier to clean and process.
  • Risky Business
    Yeah – If you wanted to re-enact Tom Cruise’s slide across the floor in your socks, this is the floor to do it on – just add a little baby powder and you are ready to re-enact.

If you are looking to take your marble to the next step, to create an elegant entrance, this is how you do it. This is not marble restoration – this is finishing off your marble floor.

before image 3 after image 3


When the owner of the Greek Town Casino wanted to spruce up his Greek Mosaic floors, he had MARBLELIFE turn it into an ultimate floor. No more edges - just a consistent, elegant work of art.


Marble is a soft but robust stone that is easy to work and level by a trained professional craftsman, but it takes a master craftsman to create an ULTIMATE SLATE floor. Slate in its natural state has a tendency to break off in layers. Leveling it can result in damaged edges and broken tile if attempted without an understanding of the stone and the art of transforming it. When completed however, what may have been a dated 1970-era floor with flecks of yellowing coating can be enriched and transformed into an easy to maintain, highly unique floor.

MARBLELIFE’s Ultimate floor transforms natural tile floor into a reflection of the natural work-of-art already present in the stone.

If you are interested in transforming your floor – Give MARBLELIFE a call and be prepared to listen to the OOHS and AAHs.

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